Carol-Ann OD2r Head in Red

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Carol-Ann OD2R

Engineered for recording, the OD2r offers extremely low noise in a twin channel amp design. Like the larger OD2, this amp is designed to be one of the most versatile amps on the market today. The clean channel is warm and sonically rich while the harmonic balance of the overdrive channel is simply incredible. The overdrive channel has the ability to go from slight crunch, all the way up to a sweetly compressed high gain with remarkable response and separation of notes throughout the gain ranges and settings. This gives a three dimensional feel to this amp that is rarely experienced through standard amp designs. At 18/30 watts the OD2r is at home in the studio or has enough power to handle small to medium sized gigs as well.


30 Watts  (or, 18 watts w/ 6V6's)

Power Tubes:
2 x 6L6  (or, 2 x 6V6)
Preamp Tubes:
3 x 12AX7

Controls: Global Pre-Gain Level
(affects both channels)

Channel A (clean):
Treble, Middle, Bass

Channel B (overdriven):
Drive, Treble, Middle, Bass

Independent Master Volumes Both Channels

Global Presence Control
(affects both channels)

Bright Switch: Acts like a Fender bright switch and effects
both channels.

Shift Switch: Changes the Range and action of the EQ controls
on the clean channel. In the up position it is very
percussive and a little more gainy. In the down
position it is more blackface American.
Handwired Construction!

2 Button Footswitch Included. 
Channel & OD Channel Gain Boost w/ LEDs
Speaker Outs:
2 Total:  1 x 8 ohms and 1 x 16 ohms

21" W x 10.25" D x 10" H (minus feet)