Carol-Ann OD2 Head

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Carol-Ann OD2 50 Watt Tube Amp Head

Welcome to pure tone heaven! The OD2 MK 2 Series of amplifiers offer a superb twin channel all-tube amplifier design coupled with a hand crafted no-compromise build quality.

These amplifiers are one of the most sonically versatile available on the market today and are happy producing every possible style of music from Country to Metal. The clean channel features the warmest tones available with a beautiful percussive attack. The Overdrive Channel is simply incredible with a harmonic balance that gives the amplifier a three dimensional feel, rarely experienced with any  standard design. The amount of overdrive is variable from slight crunch to all out sweetly compressed high gain tone. Note separation and response remain true throughout the full range of gain settings.

Simpler than many a high-gain channel switcher, the OD-2’s intuitive front panel boasts a single input, a shared Pre-Gain control that sets the first gain stage’s level for both channels, a Drive control on Channel B (the overdrive channel), independent Bass, Middle, and Treble controls for each channel, and independent Channel A Master and Channel B Master controls. A Bright switch affects both channels, a Shift switch changes the range of Channel A’s tone stack and also adds or cuts a little gain, and a Presence control acts on both channels. Further, while one button on a two-button footswitch changes channels, the second provides a preset boost to Channel B

On the rear panel, Send and Return jacks for a series effects loop are accompanied by a Level control (which also acts as a second global master volume, even with no effects in the loop), and dual speaker outs for matching with 8Ω or 16Ω cabs.

While the OD-2’s exterior is rather businesslike, the interior should set tone fiend’s hearts palpitating. The circuit is laid out entirely on a rugged, hand-soldered eyelet board and populated by SBE 16PS “orange drop” signal caps and carbon-film resistors.

For consistency and efficiency, high-voltage power stages and switching circuits are laid out on thick PCBs, while all tube sockets, pots, switches, and jacks are chassis mounted. Power and output transformers are chunky beasts, too, contributing to this compact head’s 38 lbs heft.

A welcome addition to the limited market of hand-built, high-gain guitar amplifiers, the Carol-Ann OD2 is bound to be a bracing experience for anyone who thinks they’ve seen and heard it all in boutique land.


CONTROLS Pre-Gain (shared), Bass, Middle, Treble on both channels. Channel A Master and Shift switch. Channel B Drive, Master, Presence. Global Sparkle (bright) switch
POWER 50 watts
TUBES Three 12AX7 preamp tubes (unbranded), one Groove Tubes 5751 preamp tube, two Ruby 6L6GC-STR output tubes. Solid-state rectification
EXTRAS Series effects loop with Level control, two-button footswitch with XLR connector cable (included)
WEIGHT 38 lbs
KUDOS Bold clean tones. Creamy, sweet, and extremely dynamic overdrive tones. Superb master volume circuit.