Carol-Ann Limited OD-100 MK2 Head (JB-100)

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What exactly is the Carol-Ann OD-100 MKII Amp Head?

The Carol-Ann OD-100 MKII head is a 100 Watt, 2 channel, 6L6 powered amp who's circuit was originally designed for Joe Bonamassa and was called the JB-100. The JB-100 was used on tour with Bonamassa for many years. With the OD-100 MK2, it's been updated with Carol-Ann's propriatary Auto-Bias System and updated effects loop. That's right! Better than the JB-100.

It features 2 channels, mid boost, efx loop and 100W of power. Apart from this amplifier being capable as a stadium level monster, it can be used extremely well at lower volumes and also responds well to attenuators for players who want to push the power amp at lower volumes.

There is a very limited number of these amplifiers going to Dealers.

More Info coming soon!

Power Tubes: 4 x 6L6
Channels: 2
Controls: Presence, Master Volume, Channel B: Filter, Gain, Channel A: Bass, Middle, Treble EQ, Preamp Controls: Gain, Mid-boost, Channel Select
Rear Controls: Effects Loop, Speaker Taps: 8 Ohms, 16 Ohms, Stand-By, Power