Carol-Ann Amplifiers MIDI Interface

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The Carol-Ann MIDI-XLR Interface is in stock right now!

With this box, you can connect a MIDI device to certain Carol-Ann Amps so you can control the amps foot controller functions, such as changing the channel, or switching the effects loop on and off.

The MI-01 supports all the 3 channel CA models that use the FC04 and FC05 electronic 3 pin foot controllers.

Operating Instructions:

The purpose of this interface to to allow MIDI Program Change messages to be received from an external MIDI device such as a MIDI foot controller in order to control the Channel Selection , Lead Mode and
Effects Loop Switching of any Carol-Ann Amplifier that normally uses an electronic foot controller. This includes the following models fitted with a 3 Pin XLR Foot Controller Connector: OD3r, OD3, Triptik, Trip-R, Tucana 3, Tucana 3r.

This interface WILL NOT work with any amp fitted with a 5 Pin XLR Foot Switch Connector, nor will it work with any model not listed above that is fitted with a 3 Pin XLR Socket as they use a different switching

The interface can be thought of as MIDI device with 10 Preset Programs. Each preset represents an Amplifier Channel / Lead / Effects loop configuration. The list of all the presets and corresponding Program
Change Number is shown in it's own section below.

Connecting the unit in to your rig is very straightforward.  A standard XLR cable is used to connect the MI-01 Interface to the Amplifiers Foot Controller Connector. A standard 5 Pin MIDI cable is used to connect the MI-01 interface to a MIDI MIDI Foot Controller or the MIDI THRU/OUT of an EFX Unit. In a typical setup that included a MIDI EFX Processor, the MIDI out from the Foot Controller would connect to the MIDI IN on the processor. Then the MIDI THRU or in some cases the MIDI OUT of the processor would
connect to the MIDI IN on the MI-01 interface. Ensure the EFX Unit is configure to receive on a different MIDI channel to the MI-01. No external power is needed for the MI-01 Interface, the amplifier provides power through the XLR cable. Turn on the power to the efx unit first, then turn on the power to the

The following is a list of all the Program Change Numbers and their preset function.
00 - Channel A / efx Loop Active
01 - Channel B / efx Loop Active
02 - Channel C / efx Loop Active
03 - Channel B / Lead Mode / efx Loop Active
04 - Channel C / Lead Mode / efx Loop Active
05 - Channel A / efx Loop Inactive*
06 - Channel B / efx Loop Inactive*
07 - Channel C / efx Loop Inactive*
08 - Channel B / Lead Mode / efx Loop Inactive*
09 - Channel C / Lead Mode / efx Loop Inactive*
* Effects Loop switching is only available on amplifiers that are fitted with a switchable loop. For all others the efx loop is always active regardless of the preset selected.

MIDI Implementation
The MI-01 operates on MIDI Channel 1 and isn't user configurable to any other channel. It is possible to get a firmware upgrade to operate on a user chosen channel. All modern MIDI Foot Controllers allow the simultaneous sending of different MIDI program change messages over more than one MIDI channel,
so the interface and a MIDI efx unit can receive different program Change messages from the same Switch/Patch on the foot controller. Please refer to your user manual for the efx processor / Foot Controller you are using for details of how to implement MIDI mapping. It's usually very simple.

For product support of the Interface and any Carol-Ann Amplifiers please email
For support of any MIDI device connected to the interface, please contact the Manufacturer of the particular device.