Carol-Ann Limited OD2 Head - Custom JB Mod - Ivory

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What exactly is the Carol-Ann OD-2 Custom Amp?

The core of this amp is essentially the same successful twin channel platform that has proven itself across every possible style of music. What sets this gem apart from the other OD-2 amps is it's JB Mid Boost, Sparkle Switch and the AutoBiasMon on the rear panel. This OD-2 Custom offers the same warm and responsive tones regardless of how clean or dirty you have it dialed in, and with a pair of 6L6 output tubes driving the 50 watt power supply, you know that you'll always cut through a mix.

Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6
Channels: 2
Controls: PreGain Control, Sparkle Switch, Chan A Shift switch. Channel A: Bass, Middle, Treble. Channel B: Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble. Output Controls: Individual Master Controls for both Channels. Global Presence. 
Rear Controls: Effects Loop, Speaker Taps: 8 Ohms, 16 Ohms, AutoBiasMon, Stand-By, Power