Carol-Ann British Series 78-50H 50 Watt Head

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With the Carol-Ann British Series 78-50H, Alan at Carol-Ann has recreated the magic of the late 70's JMP / early 80's JCM800 with a few added bonuses.

Essentially, this head is more of a handwired, modified JCM800 master volume circuit that's full sounding, not as bright and ratty as an original, much better master volume design, much lower noise floor, and a superior design tube driven effects loop.

Beginning around 1976 and due partially to falling sales amongst Master Volume amps, Marshall faced a market claiming that there wan't enough gain at lower volume in their MV amps. At this time, they decided to try something different​.​ They decided to cascade the pre-amp to get extra pre-amp saturation.​ It was an instant success. While you could drive it like a Plexi by leaving the Master on 10, rich, overdriven tones were now available at any volume.​

If you're looking for that epic AC/DC, "Rocker Switch Era" Marshall tone, this is it!

It features an extremely high-end custom tube driven effects loop with unity gain/zero loss using the 5814 tube similar to the other loops in the Carol-Ann lineup.


50W Output
2 x EL34 Power Tubes
3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
1 x 5814 Effects Loop Tube

Hi and Lo input
Master Volume
Preamp Volume
Treble - Master Treble Control
Middle - Master Middle control
Bass - Master Bass Control
Presence: Global Presence Control
120V AC - Dual 120/240V Available Special Order

Dimensions: 29" Wide x 11.5" High x 8.25" Deep