Carol-Ann British Series 67-18C 18 Watt Plexi Combo

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The Carol-Ann British Series 18 Watt Plexi Combo came about when we went to Alan Phillips to see if he would be interested in us commissioning him to build two different Marshall style amplifiers for us. We were looking for an 18 Watt Plexi head, and a tube rectified JTM50 head. Being extremely well versed in vintage Marshall amps, Alan loved the idea of the JTM50 (he owns a great sounding one) but he wasn't so keen on the 18 watt head. First of all, there were never any 18 Watt Plexi heads, just combos. But even those were very hit and miss. He said some sounded great, but others very bad. 

Alan said he had a friend with the best sounding 18 Watt Plexi combo he'd ever heard. He was generous enough to lend it to Alan in order for him to replicate it tonally. Bear in mind, this is no easy feat. Components have changed a good bit over the years and copying a schematic part for part will not give you the same results as they did in 1967. Alan had to do a good bit of tweaking to the circuit to get it to sound right.

We had originally suggested the Tremolo circuit be omitted from this amp altogether, but Alan insisted the Tremolo is a crucial part of what makes this amp sound the way it does.  The Tremolo circuit has historically been a bit difficult for amp builders to tame (which is one reason you rarely see highly reputable amp builders offering this) but Alan made the proper adjustments in order for it to be stable and reliable.


Power: 18 Watts
Power Tubes: 2 x EL84
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Rectifier: EZ81 (NOS from Late 60's)
Controls: Channel 1: Speed, Intensity, Tone, Volume, Channel 2: Tone, Volume
Switches: On/Off , Standby/On
Speaker: Celestion Greenback