Bad Cat USA Players Cub 15R 1x12 Combo - Fawn Slub

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Bad Cat

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The Bad Cat USA Players Series Cub 15R 1x12 Combo is essentially the exact same circuit as it's Cub III counterpart except for two things. 1) The absence of the 5 position tone control, and 2) the Players Series utilizes military grade printed circuit boards in place of handwired, point to point solder connections. The Players Series amps use the same components, transformers, chassis, and speakers, and are hand built right here in the USA at the Bad Cat shop in Irvine, CA.


Power: 15 Watt Class A
Tubes: Power Tubes: 2 EL84 Pre-Amp Channel 1: 12AX7 - EF86
Speaker: 12" Bad Cat Custom Celestion
Impedance: 4, 8, 16 ohms
Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch