Bad Cat Trem Cat 30R Head - Black


Bad Cat

$ 2,699.00 

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The Bad Cat Trem Cat 30R is new for 2017! Now with K-Master Volume!

We just received a new Bad Cat Trem Cat 30R with the new K-Master volume circuit, and let me tell you... It's impressive!

Start with the rich chime of the EF86 side of a Black Cat 30. Add lush reverb and pulsating tremolo and you have one of the finest single channel amps ever made. A 4 - EL84 30 watt power platform running in Class A provides the engine. The Trem Cat is a Guitar Player magazine Editor's Award winner and Bad Cat's most versatile single channel amp.

The tone circuit is truly unique and affords unparalleled control over your tone shaping. There are two basic tonal options available. First, Bad Cat's five position tone cap selector and their standard bass and treble tone stack. The selector switch is the key to dialing in your sound. Position one bypasses the tone stack altogether and feels like you are plugged strait into your output section. Position two activates the five way tone selector. Allowing you five choices of tone caps and affording great control over the bottom end and thickness. Position three moves you over to the bass and treble controls. Here the amp has more of a scooped hi-fi type of feel. Lastly, position four engages both the selector and the bass and treble controls. Between the cut control which adds high end sparkle, near infinite tone shaping can be had here.

A master volume that can be switched out of the circuit along with a half power switch insures that you can get to any level of gain at just about any volume level.


Power 30 / 15 Watts
Output Tubes 4 x EL84
Preamp Tubes 5 x 12AX7, 1 x EF86
Rectifier 1 x GZ-34
Controls Volume, Tone, Select, Bass, Treble, Trem Speed, Trem Depth, Reverb, Cut, Master Volume
Features Tube Driven Tremolo, Dual Tube Reverb
Dims & Weight 20.75" Wide x 9.25" High x 10.5" Depth - 56 lbs