Bad Cat Siamese Drive Pedal

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Bad Cat

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The Bad Cat Siamese Drive uses the exact same circuit found in the legendary gold overdrive pedal that sports a mythical half-man, half-horse logo.  The same circuit found in the Wampler Tumnus, J. Rocket Archer, EH Soul Food, etc.  

Only, TIMES TWO!  That's right...  Two of these circuits side by side so you can layer them if you wish.

The Siamese Drive gives you two identical overdrive channels that are capable of anything from a simple clean boost to thick harmonic laden overdrive. Each side is completely independent, and when combined offer you even more! Set the Side "A" as a clean boost to increase the gain of the side "B", or get your drive from side "A" and use side "B" as a volume boost to cut through the mix. If you're feeling crazy you can stack gain from both "A" and "B" to create even more thick and sustaining drive sounds.