Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 Reverb Combo Amp

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Bad Cat

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The Bad Cat Hot Cat is now at BLOWOUT PRICING! (non K-Master volume models)

The Hot Cat was recognized as by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the best amplifiers ever made and multiple amps in the "Hot Cat" series have received awards. If Bad Cat has a flagship amplifier, this would be it!

For 2014, Bad Cat has made a few tweaks to the dual channel Hot Cat circuit that are sure to improve your experience! They've now have incorporated Bass and Treble controls into the clean channel to give you even more flexibility, as well as simplifying the Bass, Mid, and Treble Tone stacks on the Gain channel. Bad cat also added LED lights to indicate channel selection and each channel will now have their own Reverb controls (only on on reverb models, of course).

Channel 1's cleans are lush, and chimey. When pushed, the cleans are full and punch through with a healthy dose of thick crunch. Full, round and tight with humbuckers. Sweet with plenty of sparkle and grind with single coils. The Hot Cat series are very touch sensitive with plenty of dynamics depending on your pick attack.

Channel 2 is higher gain and picks up where Channel 1 leaves off. You can go from a pushed, bluesy overdrive to all out high-gain. This channel drips with complex mids and tight lows. Even with the higher amounts of saturation the chords retain surprising amounts of note definition. Ninth's come out with upper harmonics resting above the fundamentals.

The Hot Cat covers everything you would expect from an award winning high gain amp. From sparkly cleans to thick heavy gain, this amp has it all.


Power Output Hot Cat 15: 15 Watts / 7 Watts (with half power switch)
Hot Cat 30: 30 Watts / 15 Watts
(with half power switch)
Hot Cat 50: 50 Watts (no half power switch)
Output Tubes Hot Cat 15: 2 x EL84
Hot Cat 30: 2 x EL34 (cathode biased)
Hot Cat 50: 2 x EL34 (grid biased)
Preamp Tubes 7 x 12AX7
Rectifier Tube
Hot Cat 15: GZ34/SS
Hot Cat 30: GZ34/SS
Hot Cat 50: SS Rectifier
Controls Channel 1: Volume, Bass, Treble, Master, Reverb
Channel 2: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master, Reverb
Global Presence Control (one for both channels)
Configurations Head and 1x12 Combo
Head Dims & Weight Hot Cat 15: 20.75" Wide x 9.25" High x 10.5" Depth - 32 lbs
Hot Cat 30: 20.75" Wide x 9.25" High x 10.5" Depth - 45 lbs
Hot Cat 50:
20.75" Wide x 9.25" High x 10.5" Depth - 52 lbs
1x12 Dims & Weight Hot Cat 15: 24" Wide x 18.5" High x 10.5" Depth - Weight 65 lbs
Hot Cat 30: 24" Wide x 18.5" High x 10.5" Depth - Weight 66 lbs
1x12 Speaker Config
Bad Cat Speaker, or optional Celestion Alnico Gold
Additional Features:
Two-Button Footswitch Included