Bad Cat Black Cat 15 Head - Fawn Slub


Bad Cat

$ 1,849.00 

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The Bad Cat Black Cat Series continues its legacy with some well deserved improvements that we here at Humbucker Music think you'll love! For starters, Bad Cat has taken their flagship amp and dressed it up with a new ergonomic layout for the controls. In addition, they redesigned the Master Volume to be more responsive even when turning down by incorporating their proprietary K-Master Volume.   On the Reverb models, the all tube driven reverb is now a bit smoother and deeper than previous years models thanks to a redesign of that circuit.  With all these changes, the Black Cat provides you with a very versatile tone that's easy to dial in.

Worried about the neighbors, or that pesky sound guy demanding you turn down?  No problem.  The new Black Cat also features a Half Power switch that gives you the same complex mid-range and drive at a more manageable volumes.

What about the rest?

The Black Cat features a two channel circuit that offers a great balance of divine cleans and mean punchy growls. With the dual Master Volume and Reverb controls that can be switched in and out of the circuit, this cat allows you to really hone in on each channel's unique characteristics. 

Channel one features a 12AX7 based preamp while channel two utilizes an EF86 in the preamp stage. The 12AX7 side gives lush sweet and complex mid-range that works from warm punchy cleans through tight crunchy growl. Engage the master volume and get the dirt at any level. Switch over to the EF86 and get a lesson in why the Black Cat is revered by so many diverse artists. Shimmering cleans that can be pushed lightly to fill the room with ghostly octaves and harmonics. Rev up channel two a little harder and push your sound into Class A nirvana. Note definition, highs that spray around the hall and a bottom end that never gets loose.

So, what about this 5 position Tone control on Channel 2?

This is pretty interesting...  The Bad Cat Tone knob is actually a 5-position switch used for instant access to 5 different preset tone settings.  Turn it clockwise for darker, thicker tones. Turning the knob counterclockwise gives you more treble and bite. The 5-position switch gives you a distinct advantage in being able to recreate these settings quickly.  It's important to note that some people feel that tone is robbed each time a potentiometer is added to the circuit.  When using the Tone presets, the signal bypasses the Treble and Bass pots and only utilizes hard wired resistors to determine the tone. If you're super picky about your tone, then take note!  :)


 Power Output  Black Cat 15:  15 Watts
 Black Cat 30:  30 Watts
 Black Cat 40:  40 Watts
 Output Tubes  Black Cat 15:  2 x EL84
 Black Cat 30:  4 x EL84
 Black Cat 40:  2 x EL34
 Preamp Tubes  Reverb Models: 5 x 12AX7, 1 x EF86
 Non-Reverb Models: 3 x 12AX7, 1 x EF86
 Rectifier Tube
 Black Cat 15:  GZ34
 Black Cat 30:  GZ34
 Black Cat 40:  SS Rectifier
 Controls  Channel 1: Volume, Bass, Treble, Master
 Channel 2: Volume, Tone, Bass, Treble, Master
 Global Presence for both channels
 Dual Channel Reverb Controls(on the Reverb models)
 Configurations  Head and 1x12 Combo
 Head Dims & Weight  Black Cat 15: 20.75"  Wide  x  9.25" High  x  10.5" Depth  -  32 lbs
 Black Cat 30: 20.75"  Wide  x  9.25" High  x  10.5" Depth  -  39 lbs
 Black Cat 40:
20.75"  Wide  x  9.25" High  x  10.5" Depth  -  39 lbs
 1x12 Dims & Weight  Black Cat 15:  24" Wide  x  18.5" High  x  10.5" Depth  -  Weight 54 lbs
 Black Cat 30:  24" Wide  x  18.5" High  x  10.5" Depth  -  Weight 62 lbs
 1x12 Speaker  Bad Cat Speaker or Optional Celestion Alnico Gold
 Additional Features  One-Button Footswitch Included