Analog Outfitters Sarge Amp

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Analog Outfitters

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The Analog Outfitters Sarge Amp is a 15 watt, dual EL84 head using authentic vintage Hammond organ transformers and phase inverter circuits and a tone stack that's derived from early Fender Deluxe amps.

Each Sarge comes in either a black or grey heavy duty aluminum enclosure that previously housed obsolete scientific instruments.  The faceplate is made from vintage embossed signage drilled out for the three controls:  Volume (V), Treble (T), and Bass (B).  How cool is that!?  :)

So how does it sound?  Think Tweed Deluxe with a Vox-ish growl and punch.  If you're looking for plenty of clean headroom, this probably won't be the amp you're looking for, but it'll actually clean up pretty nicely with the volume on your guitar rolled back a touch.  But where the magic happens is when you push this little guy.  As you turn up, the overdrive saturates nicely with plenty of natural sustain and compression, yet still has plenty of dynamic to cut through the mix.

When playing on the Sarge here at the shop, we really noticed just how fun it is to play.  It doesn't really sound like anything else we carry, but it's a bit difficult to pinpoint what it does that makes it so different.  It has a distinct character to it.  Maybe even an attitude, if that makes sense (I know, I know... It doesn't make any sense).  

I'll spend a little more time with the Sarge and get a better description for you guys and gals out there.  It's just that it truly is kind of hard to pinpoint.


  15 Watts
Power Tubes:  2 x EL84
Preamp Tubes:  2 x 12AX7
Rectifier:  5Y3
Speaker Out: 8 Ohms
Controls:  Volume, Treble, & Bass

Analog Outfitter Amps are Gluten Free