Analog Outfitters Road Amp - Black & White

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Analog Outfitters

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This Analog Outfitters Road Amp is being offered at a crazy price. Get it for $999 while supplies last!

With a housing crafted from a decommissioned road sign even the look of this amp is hard to miss. The tone of this amp is distinctly American, all pumped out through a 20 watt 6V6 power section. A simple Volume/Treble/Bass tone stack gives you control over the amps unique and musical voice. Everything from warm cleans to jangly growling overdrive can be had, and all  with a look that reflects this amps tough powerhouse attitude. Analog Outfitters describes this amp as the "Tube driven equivalent of a monster truck", and that description is incredibly accurate.

Power: (2) x 6V6 (20 Watts)
Preamp: (1) x 12AX7 & (1) x 12AU7
Rectifier: 5U4GB
Load: 8 ohms
Controls: Volume, Treble, & Bass