Analog Man ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay Pedal

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Analog Man

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TheAnalog Man ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay pedal is a hand-wired pedal with two selectable settings of delay time, feedback, AND delay level, not just delay time! Also has effects loop for modulation, and expression pedal jack for delay time.


  • True bypass switching, the right side foot switch is effect ON/OFF.
  • Two sets of controls, not only delay time but also delay level and feedback YELLOW channel (upper 3 knobs) or RED channel (lower 3 knobs) are selected with the left foot switch.
  • Battery or normal 9V boss type power. Power jack in the center top.
  • Battery compartment on the bottom for quick and easy battery changes
  • Low power consumption, 15mA, so an alkaline battery should last about 30 hours of use.
  • Jacks are on the top of the pedal for efficient layout on pedalboards
  • Input jack on the right, unplug to disconnect battery
  • Output jack on the left