Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz Pedal w/ On/Off Fuzz Pot

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Analog Man

$ 210.00 
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This Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz includes the following:
  • On/Off Fuzz Pot
The Peppermint Fuzz is similar to a fuzzface in architecture but has specific tweaks to make it more flexible and sound much crazier. It's not a clean fuzz like our Sunface, it's fuzzier and can get nasty.

On/Off Fuzz Pot:
When using batteries, you need to unplug the guitar cable from input jack when you are done playing for the day, to disconnect the battery. This can be a pain when using a pedalboard. Analog Mans optional ON/OFF FUZZ POT makes it easy to disconnect the battery. Just turn the fuzz knob all the way down and it will CLICK as it disconnects the battery. Then you can leave your pedal hooked up to other pedals all the time. The optional on/off fuzz pot does not have quite as nice of a taper as the normal fuzz pot, a lot of fuzz happens in the last quarter turn on the knob. But if you run it up full (most people do) there is no difference.