Analog Man SunFace Pedal w/ Silicon BC-108

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Analog Man

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This Analog Man Sunface includes the following:

  • BC-108 Transistor
Analog Man is now making these in their own cases, as the Analog Man Sun Face . They are hand-built in the USA in small gold boxes, with Analog Man's own USA made SUNFACE circuit board, which was made small enough to fit in almost any enclosure. It is better quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find, with shielding, plated through-holes, etc to meet military specs.

We have some BC108 silicon transistors, and have been making silicon Sunfaces for several years now. The BC108 are in small metal cans. Silicon fuzzfaces came out in about 1969. Dallas Arbiter used both of these types in their Fuzz Face pedals. The silicons are fuzzier than the germaniums, and brighter. The silicon transistors have much higher gain. They don't get totally clean by turning the guitar down like the NKTs but they do clean up quite a bit and are sensitive to your dynamics.