Two-Rock Sensor Amplifiers - Discontinued

Two Rock Sensor has been discontinued. This page is being kept here for anyone looking for info on the Sensor.

The Sensor was NOT a popular amp. It was created during the Two-Rock PBG era, and dealers and players pretty much rejected it from the beginning. To give some proof of this, our reports show we sold about 45 Studio Pro amps to every one Sensor. And about a third of the Sensors we sold were returned. I'll be the forst to admit that part of that ratio was skewed by the fact that none of the employees here at Humbucker cared for the Sensor, and we LOVED the Studio Pro (BTW, the new Studio Signature is even better, if you can believe that).  That is not to say all the PBG amps were bad. Some were, and some weren't. But the Sensor was just a dud pure and simple.

Old Description

The Sensor series of amps were designed with players that utilize more effects in mind. The Sensor has two channels. Starting with the popular Two Rock clean sound, and incorporating a tighter, more aggressive drive channel. A fully tube buffered effects loop allows you to get the most out of any effects you might throw into it. The sensor is powered by 6v6 tubes in the 22 watt version and 6L6 tubes in all of the others, and the combos all come stock with a Celestion creamback speaker with optional 12-65B, and Celestion G12-65 upgrade upon request.