Employment at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music is hiring again!

Available Position:
Phone Sales and Order Processing

Number of Hours: 40 / week
Weekly Schedule: Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm

The following are an absolute must:

18+ years old
Knowledge of guitars, amps, and pedals
Ability to play electric guitar
Positive Attitude
Ability to show initiative
Punctuality (Yes, we know it's a music store, but tardiness isn't cool)

The following are pluses, but not required:

Sales experience
Knowledge of higher end boutique guitars, amps, & pedals
Experience in conducting telephone / internet sales

Humorous, but possibly actual suggestions:

If you think:
- Fender and Gibson are the only good electric guitars, please don't apply.
- A modeling amplifier sounds as good as a quality tube amp, please don't apply.
- A digital delay pedal sounds better than a Diamond Memory Lane or Fulltone Tube Tape echo, please don't apply. Unless it's a Strymon delay. They get a pass.
- Nickelback, Toby Keith, or new Lynyrd Skynyrd is cool, please don't apply. Trust us, you won't fit in. :)

If any of these offend you, then it's possible that more than likely we're kind of kidding, perhaps.

Seriously though... This is a job that requires real work, and as much as we'd like to do so, we don't get to sit around and play on the instruments. We have a good time and like to "cut up", but all of us here have a stern work ethic, and if you do not, then we promise this position will not work out for you. As well, please note that good performance is rewarded in time. We have consistenty grown every year, so there *IS* room to advance.

Also, just so you know:
You WILL be drug tested and we WILL run a background check

If interested, please email with any questions, or submit resume/work experience to: info@humbuckermusic.com

Thanks, and please spread the word!