Vintage Sound Brent Mason Signature 45 2x10 Combo Amp

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Vintage Sound

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Vintage Sound Amps is pleased to announce the Brent Mason Signature 45 Amplifier!

As you may know, Brent Mason doesn't put his name on things often and has never had a signature amplifier until now.  He has a very discerning ear, so naturally Brent Mason was very instrumental in shaping the tone and design of this amp. Rick worked very closely with Brent over the past year making changes here and there until it was perfected. This is the first amp of its type ever built by Vintage Sound Amps and stands alone in its class for tone!

The best was we can think to describe the circuit is to break it up in three parts.  The first channel, the second channel, and the vibrato/reverb section.

1) The first channel on the amplifier is a custom circuit developed by Vintage Sound that falls in between their Mild-High Gain and Brownface circuits used on some of their other amps. 

2) The second channel (main channel) is inspired by the Black Face AB763 circuit with modifications unique to Vintage Sound (more on that below). 

3) The vibrato section is a modified tube vibrato inspired by the early 60’s Brown Face circuitry.  It does not use the photo-cell vibrato you see in blackface amps, but rather the smooth tube driven vibrato, similar to the Princeton Reverb, Vibroverb, and Vibrolux. Big bonus!

So essentially, you get the best of both worlds — Black Face inspired circuit, true tube driven vibrato, and a modified custom circuit. Both channels have reverb and vibrato effects.

Since the Brent Mason Signature 45 is in a smaller chassis than you normally see in an AB763 circuit, the faceplate is also smaller leaving no room for the Normal/Bright switches. To address this Vintage Sound uses a high-end push/pull pot for the Volume control. By default it uses Normal voicing, and when pulled it engages the Bright voicing.

There's a nifty Reverb Dwell control on the rear of the chassis. It comes in quite handy for adjusting the amount of decay the reverb has.

External bias points are also included for re-biasing the output tubes after changing them. VERY handy!

The Brent Mason Signature Series combo amp includes the custom padded cover and the black two-button foot switch. For the full Brent Mason experience in tone and versatility, add the optional 2x10 extension cab. This cabinet also comes with a custom padded cover.


Wattage: 45 watts
Preamp Tubes: 4 x 12AX7, 2 X 12AT7 (All TAD Tube Amp Doctor)
Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6 TAD Tube Amp Doctor
Rectifier Tube: 5AR4 TAD Tube Amp Doctor
Front Controls: Channel 1: Normal/Bright Push/Pull Volume, Treble, Bass
Channel 2: Normal/Bright Push/Pull Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity
Rear Controls: Dwell (Very cool custom feature for controlling the reverb decay time!)
Effects: Tube Driven Spring Reverb, True Tube Vibrato, Both Channels
Speakers: 2 x 10" WGS Green Beret
Inputs: 2 per channel (hi/lo)
Auxiliary Input: RCA Footswitch Jack
Extension Speaker Jack: External Speaker Jack
Circuit Construction: All Point-to-Point, Hand-wired
Cabinet Construction: Dove-tail jointed solid pine w/Baltic Birch Plywood baffle and back panels
Pilot Light: Blue Amp Jewel
Combo Dimensions: 18.5" High x 24.5" Wide x 10 1/2" Deep

Weight: 47 lbs
Included Accessories: Two Button Footswitch, Padded Cover