PLEASE NOTE: The Two-Rock Crystal has been replaced by the new and improved version, the Traditional Clean.

The Traditional Clean is the result of an evolution that started with the Custom Reverb's clean channel. John Mayer went to Two-Rock and they worked on an amp that eventually became the John Mayer Signature. After the limited run of 25, that amp design was shelved for a while until Two-Rock, then under ownership by Premier Builders Guild, released a slightly scaled back version called the Crystal. The Crystal was a production model, and while certainly a great amp, it lacked the higher-end components and build quality that Two-Rock was known for.

Now that Two-Rock is back in the hands of the old guard, they have released the next version of this amp called the Traditional Clean. It's essentially the same circuit as the Mayer Signature but with the new proprietary 100/50 watt transformer and a bigger, better reverb.