The new Two-Rock Coral replaces the much loved Custom Reverb Signature!
The Coral is the next product in their heritage line of amplifiers that marries simple and traditional with improved construction techniques.

A dual channel amplifier with a shared EQ and cascading gain structure, the Coral has more traditional Two-Rock style clean voicings, with improved dynamics and low end bass response. We describe this bass response as “adding sway bars,” just when you think the bass is going to bottom out, it bounces back. The overdrive channel has a more seamless interaction with the clean channel as it’s more of an extension of the clean channel rather than a straight up "Lead" channel. As a guitar player, you want to have a dynamic clean channel that you can relate to and an overdrive that will compliment. The reverb on this amp is voiced for more depth much like the Classic Reverb, and has an improved signal to noise ratio with an updated post master circuit. The rear panel hosts an overdrive channel reverb send and return control for added flexibility.