Tone King Falcon Grande

In keeping with the old school design and vibe, the Falcon Grande, a 1x12 20 watt combo, moves everything that you like about the Falcon into a larger size. This new design isn't just a larger cab and 12" speaker, included are a few new features that have been at the forefront of players minds when it comes to the original Falcon. The bigger 5881 output tubes give you plenty of full sounding clean headroom, while the two knob reverb can have you sounding lush and surfy or as almost dry as you want by giving the dwell knob a twist. Many of your favorite 50's and 60's tweed tones can still be achieved, true to the original Falcon.

The built in Ironman II attenuator keeps your tone intact for late night jams and everyday house use not to mention that it really adds to the overall value of this amp. Three foot-switchable voicings (Rhythm, Tweed & Lead) and reverb on/off are both available on the four button included footswitch.

The Falcon Grande also features an acoustic lens built directly in front of the speaker designed to reduce some of the ice pick effect found in certain angles from speakers. The end result gives you a more engaging sound from all angles. With three vintage inspired voices and the capability to achieve them at any volume, gives the Falcon Grande a place in anyone's amp lineup.

  • Tone King Falcon Grande - Turquoise
    Tone King Falcon Grande - Turquoise
    Tone King Falcon Grande - Turquoise
    $ 2,395.00