Suhr Standard Pro History

The Suhr Standard Pro has been replaced with the Suhr Standard Plus.  More information on this can be found here: SUHR STANDARD PLUS

About the Suhr Standard Pro

The Suhr Standard Pro was designed to bring the craftsmanship and quality of Suhr's Standard line of guitars to a more affordable price while providing the player with Suhr's most popular appointments. Utilizing a Basswood body and Maple top, a fat, well-balanced tone was achieved that produced smooth sounds without any harsh overtones. The finishing process provided an unparalleled combination of protection and beauty, while the thinnest possible coats of finish were applied to allow the wood to resonate freely and still provide ample protection.

The Standard Pro was equipped with Suhr's much loved Even C Slim profile. Rolled edges and a 10-14” compound fingerboard radius offered a substantial, yet comfortable shape. The quartersawn Maple neck was finished in satin acrylic urethane, which provided protection from moisture and smooth playing. Each Standard Pro also included heavy stainless steel frets and by using the PLEK process on each instrument, it guaranteed the best possible string action, optimized playability and eliminated intonation problems plagued by many guitars.

About the Pro Series: So what is the difference between a Suhr Custom Standard and a Standard Pro? Nothing! The Pro is a fixed spec guitar with a limited number of finishes. With Suhr Custom guitars, you can practically customize every spec of your guitar. The Pro guitars use the most common specs requested by players, allowing the EXACT same quality as a Custom, but at a better price. 

Body: Basswood, 2-Piece
Top: Flamed Maple
Body Finish: Gloss

Neck: Quartersawn Maple w/ Rosewood Fingerboard
Radius: 10" - 14"
Neck Shape: Even C Slim, .800 - .880
Nut: 1.650", Tusq
Frets: 22 Frets, Stainless Steel, Heavy
Bridge: Gotoh 510
Gears: Suhr Locking Tuners, 18:1 ratio
Pickguard: White Pearloid
Electronics: Standard Wiring, 5-Way Switch, Volume, Tone
Input Jack: Side Jack
Neck Pickup: Suhr ML Standard Single-Coil
Middle Pickup: Suhr ML Standard Single-Coil
Bridge Pickup: Suhr SSH+ Humbucker
String Gauge: .010 - .04
Accessories: Deluxe Gigbag Included (hardshell case optional)

About the pickups in this guitar:

The bridge position features the SSH+ Humbucker. A true high output humbucker, the SSH+ covers a broad musical base with musicality, punch, authority, and tone. The pickup exhibits excellent harmonic content, lots of midrange and a focused low end. Well suited for classic rock or metal. Magnet: Alnico V, DC Resistance: ~ 17KΩ, Hook Up Wire: 4-Conductor

For the neck and middle pickups, Suhr chose the ML's for each position. The ML (Mike Landau) pickups offer a balance of tight lows, focused midrange and smooth top-end sparkle. ML pickups incorporate a modified staggered pole piece design to provide a even magnetic field needed to accommodate instruments with flatter neck radiuses and today’s string gauges. Magnet: Alnico V, DC Resistance: 6.5KΩ (neck) and 6.5KΩ (middle), Hook Up Wire: Braided Cloth