Introducing the Suhr Modern Pro Swamp Ash - Exclusive to Humbucker Music!  We teamed up with Suhr Guitars to bring this previously custom only (read: expen$ive) configuration to a more affordable price range for the discriminating guitarist. 

Swamp Ash has been a highly desirable tone wood since the early days of electric guitar, and today is no different.  It's a little more expensive than most other woods (Alder, Basswood, etc), but well worth the extra money spent in TONE.  Popular with country, blues, rock and metal players alike, Swamp Ash is highly resonant and offers a nice balance of pleasant highs, firm lows, and a slightly scooped midrange.   The flamed maple top has a classic tone, strong in the midrange with a sweet spanky high end. Maple tops extend the frequency range of a body wood with more brilliant highs and deeper lows.

The Suhr Modern is one of the finest guitars made today!  With it's balanced asymmetrical body, 24 fret elliptical neck profile, and innovative neck heel, it provides unparalleled feel and comfort. 

About the Pro Series:  So what is the difference in quality between a Suhr Custom and a Suhr Pro Series?  Absolutely nothing!  The Pro Modern is a fixed spec guitar with different finishes.  With Suhr Custom guitars, you can highly customize practically every spec of your guitar.  The Pro Series uses the most common specs requested by customers, allowing the EXACT same quality as a Custom, but at a better price.  It's a win/win for everyone!