Diamond Quantum Leap QTL1 Delay Pedal

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Diamond: QTL1 - Quantum Leap Delay Pedal

A tone collection of short delays. The Quantum Leap features lo res delays, flanger and chorus effects as well as filters effects that work well by themselves or with other analog or digital delays.

This pedal uses a bucket brigade style modulation circuit as well as compression, anti-aliasing and refiltering effects to create a unique and versatile modulation delay. It also utilizes the same sampling engine in the Memory Lane Junior, so your analog signal will stay true to its original format while running through the delay process.

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  • Modes: Flange, Chorus, Filter, Tap Delay, Pitch Ramp Delay
  • Delay Voicings: Smear Delay, Harmonic Delay, and Pitch Ramp Delay (Foot Controllable)
  • Power: Standard 9V Operation (battery or power supply)
  • Controls: Bypass Switch, Tap Tempo / Effects Switch, Speed, Width, Regen, Mix, Mode Cycle Switch