Milkman Half Pint

The Milkman Half Pint was designed to be the most versatile low power amplifier possible. Reverb, Tremolo, and Class A single ended breakup are just the start of what this little amp can do. With the onboard voltage controlled power scaling, you can turn this amp up to 10 and dial it back to just a fraction of a watt so that your fun zone is volume appropriate for just about anywhere.

The power section of this amp consists of a single 6V6 power tube biased to class A. The front end is similar to the Creamer, with extended headroom reverb and tremolo.

Output: 5 Watts Class A Effects: Tube tremolo and spring reverb.
Speaker: 12" Ceramic Jupiter Dimensions & Weight: 19-7/8" W x 16" H x 9-1/2" D - 28 lbs