The Milkman Dairy Air Head was designed to be portable, versatile, and extremely simple. There is no reverb or tremolo option, which means I was able to fit a lot of power into a very small head cabinet. The idea is that if you travel by air, you can take this amplifier with you and use any speaker. Need a backline amp but don't like the tone? Take the lead from the internal speaker and plug it into your 30W head. Done!

The Dairy Air is built with the same high quality components as every other Milkman amplifier: Mercury Magnetics, Jupiter Capacitors, Carbon Composition Resistors. Milkman designed a custom aluminum chassis in order to make sure he could fit the best components. Every point is handwired onto a custom turret board with cloth covered wire. 

Power Output: 20W Class AB with 6V6 or 40W Class AB with 6L6
Dimensions: 16.5 " Wide x 8" High x 7.5" Deep  Weight: 15lbs