Dr. Z Z-28 MK II

Among all the Legacy Amps that Z-Fanatics have clamored to make a return to the regular roster, the Z-28 stands at the top of the heap. From 2021 through 2022, Dr. Z took an opportunity not to just put out the "same old" design from back when the Z-28, alongside the Route 66 and Stang Ray stood firmly in the middle of his award-winning roster, but give it the MK II designation, which has been nothing but a home run in the MAZ lineup of amps. 

The Z-28 Mk. II starts with his classic EF-86 preamp design: a high voltage, high fidelity, and high headroom preamp tube that literally inhales your guitar signal and fires it through the circuit path, creating a three dimensional experience unlike the more common 12ax7 preamp designs; it's a sound that is full of harmonics, with immediate dynamic response, and percussive power. Set clean, rich, clear tones shimmer from the speaker and seamlessly integrate any effect, be it overdrive, distortion, time-based, or modulation, molding them into your playing experience as if the effects were built straight into the amp. Turn the gain up past noon and experience overdrive and even-order harmonics that are unmistakable and unique to the EF-86 design. As many players have described it, this is not unlike layering a distorted amp with a clean amp, with stunning clarity from each string, giving the overdriven signal a studio-like quality in the room.
  • Dr. Z Z-28 MK II Head, Blackout
    Dr. Z Z-28 MK II Head, Blackout
    Dr. Z Z-28 MK II Head, Blackout
    $ 1,899.00