Dr. Z Z-28

PLEASE NOTE: The Dr. Z Z-28 has been discontinued


The Dr. Z Z28 is a 6V6 based amp using the same EF86 preamp circuit used in the Route 66, M12, and KT45.  It features a rather unique Volume, Bass, and Treble full drive tone stack and a 5AR4 tube rectified power supply.

Rated at approximately 22 watts, the Z-28 fits under the Route 66 in terms of wattage, and it has a more American type tone which some have described as "Brown Tolexed Deluxe". The sweet sparkle of the 6V6 is ever present, along with a smooth full distortion at a very useable volume level. Dr. Z has maintained a very tight bottom end, something that has always been lacking in some 6V6 designs. With the Electro-Harmonix 6V6 at a reasonable 375 Volt plate level, Dr. Z was very impressed with this tube and he knew he had to design an amp which used it. 

The Z28 is also known for it's ability to work fabulously with pedals!