Dr. Z Surgical Steel

The Dr. Z Surgical Steel amp is one of the latest designs from Mike Zaite of Dr. Z.

Building an amp that can properly reproduce notes from an instrument with 70 gauge strings isn't easy.  To accurately generate correct frequencies when bending strings and using alternate tunings, and to output a rich and sustaining tone with adequate wattage, you have to take a lot into consideration.  After months and months of prototyping, Dr. Z feels he has succeeded in designing the perfect amp for the modern pedal steel player.

The Surgical Steel incorporates Dr. Z's unique EF86 front end. This pentode tube can accept inputs of various voltages, like those from volume pedals, and reproduce them with accurate symmetry without distorting the signal disproportionately as 12AX7 input tubes do. A full balance EQ section inputs a pair of ultra-linear connected KT88 power tubes. These powerful tubes (approximately 90 watts per pair) produce a rich, warm, and thick tone which is not possible with a solid state amp. This amp has 4, 8, and 16 Ohm speaker outs as well as a tube-buffered effects loop.