Dr. Z M12

The Dr Z M12 Amplifier is a low wattage, high headroom amp designed with the pedal board player in mind.  But don't get us wrong.  It's thick tone and articulate dynamics sound phenomenal with just a guitar plugged directly in.  With it's hi-fidelity EF86 preamp circuit coupled with a cleverly designed EL84 power section, the all-American, hand-wired DrZ M12 is in a class all it's own!  

We now have a Dr. Z M12 Amp FAQ.  Check it out for interesting facts about the M12.

Power Output:  12 Watts
Tube Config:  Power: 2 x EL84, Preamp: 1 x EF86, 1 x 12AX7, Rectifier: 5Y3
Controls:  Volume, Bass, Treble, and Hi/Lo Sensitivity Switch