Dr. Z KT-45

The Dr. Z KT-45 amp, with a 45 watt output rating, is another great original design from the workshop of Dr. Z!  In terms of basic tonality, the KT45 takes inspiration from British amps like Vox and HiWatt.  Think The Who's "Live at Leeds" album. 

It utilizes an EF86 front end that not only has significantly more gain than you would see in a 12AX7 preamp, but really gives you an open sound that melds well with whatever your guitar puts into it. The tone stack from this amp can also be found on Dr. Z's popular Z28 and Route 66 models, and while giving you the ability to sculpt your sound like a regular Bass/Treble stack would this design also allows (Past "Noon" position) control over the amount of harmonic distorted content in those frequencies. This unique design lets you take the high end from sparkling to creamy smooth and the low end from tight and punchy to thunderous and any combination therein. The simplicity of the KT45's layout combined with it's very responsive controls make it easy to dial in a whole palette of unique, yet usable, tones that sit comfortably in the hands of players from many genres!