Dr. Z EZG-50

The Dr. Z EZG-50 is essentially their take on the classic Fender Blackface, and without a doubt one of our favorites.  It has that definitive American 6L6 clean sound with just the right amount of sparkle and punch while retaining that thickness and warmth without muddying the tone.  Trust us, that's not easy to do, but Dr. Z absolutely nailed it.  You want Surf or Twang?  No worries!  The Dr Z EZG-50 has it covered.

Dr. Z spent a great deal of time developing this amp; the beginnings of which came from a 6L6 based transformer designed for Dr. Z by Ken Fischer (Trainwreck). The output transformer has a very unique impedance not used by other American amp makers and is one of the primary contributors to the EZG-50s amazing tone. NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors are used in all critical tone positions of the EZG-50 circuit. These classic resistors add a warmth and depth to the tone that only they can give.

And about the Reverb...  Don't even get us started!  The EZG-50 sports an all tube driven reverb circuit with both  Dwell and Mix knobs.  These controls allows the player to fine tune the amount of reverb to taste far better than a single knob.  Anything from a hint of space to that deep, dark, massive, chamber the size of Notre Dame (the church not the college, sillyl!) can be had.