Dr. Z DB4

Dr. Z DB4 Red

The Dr. Z DB4 is the latest collaboration between Dr. Z and Brad Paisley. When they get together on an amp concept, you can count on it to be a road worthy workhorse that can dish out the goods night after night. The DB4 is certainly no exception!

Like most all other Dr. Z amps before it, the DB4 is an all original design with it's own voice, not at all a clone or knock off of something else. It also features a couple design enhancements for an all new Dr. Z experience. Instead of the standard Tone Control, an impressive Rotary Frequency Filter provides you with a wide range of available tones. This control selects between jangly brilliance to deep and full resonant tones and everything in between. This also helps maintain a minimal signal path which in turn increases the DB4's dynamic response. Incorporating a 5879 pentode tube in the preamp creates a full bodied and balanced tone helping even the lightest Tele stand up in a mix.

The DB4 also comes with a half power switch taking the 38 watt output down to 18, making it perfect for switching between multiple gigging environments.