Dr. Z CAZ-45

The Dr Z. CAZ-45 is almost here! Time to get your Pre-order in now before the first shipment is gone!

The CAZ-45 is the first modern-voiced high gain amplifier available from Dr. Z. To measure up to the task of creating a high gain amp without sacrificing the touch dynamics, tonal versatility, and hand-wired craftmanship that Dr. Z has built his reputation on, he enlisted his friend Alan Phillips of Carol-Ann Amps to create a circuit from scratch. From this collaboration, a full year of prototyping, meticulous tweaking, sampling, and nearly a half dozen prototypes were sent back and forth between the two builders, striving for an amplifier that wasn’t just loaded with gain, but also exceptionally responsive to dynamics and fun to play at any volume level.

  • Dr. Z CAZ-45 Head / 2x12 Cab
    Dr. Z CAZ-45 Head / 2x12 Cab
    Dr. Z CAZ-45 Head / 2x12 Cab
    $ 3,848.00