The Carol-Ann OD3r covers quite a bit of ground, and is one of Alan's most popular models.  This three channel, 30 Watts, very low noise, 6L6 powered amp can truly go from Country to Metal, and everything in between!

The clean channel (Channel A) is a fat, thick, clean with plenty of percussive attack.  Channel B goes from a mild breakup to fully overdriven heavier rock tones full of balanced, rich harmonics.  Channel C then takes over where Channel B leaves off, from a heavy crunch to an all out high gain, smoothly compressed, distortion.

The OD3r amplifier's note separation and response remain true throughout the full range of gain settings. To add even more versatility the addition of a footswitchable 'Lead Master' allows the player to select a different volume control for lead levels. This Lead Master works on either Overdrive Channel.