Voodoo Lab Proctavia Octave Pedal

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Voodoo Lab

$ 129.00 
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The Octavia is a fuzz which creates the octave doubling effect (one octave higher) made famous by Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. The Voodoo Lab Proctavia is an exact replica of Tycobrahe Sound Company’s Octavia, the model used by Stevie Ray Vaughan and considered the most desirable by vintage collectors.

The Proctavia includes the same transistors, germanium diodes and transformer coupled output stage as the original circuit to produce the outrageous distortion and high octave sound heard on classic recordings like “Are You Experienced” and “Wired.”

"Voodoo Lab's Proctavia: it'll put a spell on you."

"Once the Proctavia is plugged in, it doesn't take long to realise that you're dealing with a quality pedal that oozes versatility from its two controls.”
WHAT GUITAR Magazine, U.K.

Proctavia Pedal features:

  • Classic fuzz/octave tones 
  • True bypass switching with LED
  • Hand built in the U.S.A.
  • Five-year warranty