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Suhr Guitars has announced the VERY limited run of the Korina Quilt Guitar.  Limited to a run of only 40 worldwide, it was developed due to the popularity of the previously released Korina Flame model.

The Suhr Korina Quilt guitar is based on the Modern body shape and is comprised of an all Korina neck and body with a beautiful Quilted Maple top, and a Pau Ferro fret board.   It also features hand made Pau Ferro knobs and Mother of Pearl Inlays.  Combined, these appointments come together to create one of the most beautiful instrument out there!


As you know, you don't just throw wood together to create a beautiful instrument.  The woods have to work together for a purpose.  John Suhr chose a one piece Korina neck and body for its tonal qualities.  Korina is known for it's balanced frequency response, with a slight boost in the mids to yield a pleasant growl.  This gives you more presence, allowing you to cut through the mix.  When you add a maple top, it extends the sweet spot of the Korina, adding a bit more brilliance and dynamic. The Pau Ferro fingerboard adds high-end sparkle, and an extended bottom-end.  Suhr also chambered the body, reducing weight and adding a touch of resonance adding warmth to the lows.


Bridge:  Suhr SSH+ Zebra
Middle:  Suhr ML
Neck:    Suhr SSV Zebra

For the Korina Quilt, Shur chose to use SSH+ in the bridge position.  The SSH+ is a high output pickup that produces a clear cutting top-end with excellent harmonics and a focused low end.  In the middle position, the ever-popular ML offers a balance of tight lows, focused midrange and smooth top-end sparkle.  In the neck, the SSV combines the warmth of a vintage humbucker with increased clarity and definition.


The Korina Quilt employs medium stainless steel frets that are Plek dressed and polished by hand.  Suhr also has rolled the edges of the fretboard for that smooth broken in feel.  For the neck, Suhr has chosen to use a satin finish on the Modern Elliptical back shape.  This also contributes to that pleasant worn in feel everyone loves.


And to top it all off, the Korina Quilt features hand carved Pau Ferro knobs and switch tip.  Aesthetically, they work perfectly with the Pau Ferro fretboard for increased curb appeal.  Wouldn't you agree?