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Jackson Ampworks Custom Shop Orders

In order to offer so many different color options without the long lead times normally associated with custom built amps Humbucker Music has partnered with Jackson Ampworks in a unique and exciting way.

In anticipation of your order Jackson has already built and bench tested chassis for each of their models and have them at their shop in Keller, Texas. They have constructed the cabinet enclosures, however have they don't cover the enclosures until your order is placed. The moment we receive an order from you we will pass along the details to the techs at Jackson Ampworks and they will cover your amp in the tolex color of your choice and ship the amp directly to you from their shop. This normally takes right around 2 business days. We are super excited about this partnership. Not only does this offer you the opportunity to choose between a huge variety of color options, but it also guarantees that you are receiving the most factory fresh amp possible!

The Jackson Ampworks Britain 30 is the latest rendition of his very popular Britain series amps.   Essentially, you get the front end of the Britain 4.0, with the power section from the renowned Newcastle 30, and more!   With this amp, you also get an overall TONE control as well as a power scaling Master Volume. 

Channel 1 is an EF86 based preamp that features a footswitchable boost circuit that true bypasses the Treble and Bass controls resulting in a substantial boost in volume, gain and tonal purity.   Channel 1, being the higher gain of the two, is considered the dirty channel of the amp and offers a very broad frequency response that works to deliver your instruments true voice with minimal coloring or artifacts.

Channel 2 of the Britain 4.0 is a 12AX7 based “Top-Boost” preamp that balances perfectly against Channel 1 by providing pristine clean tones incredible headroom and articulation. This channel, which was designed to remain clean longer than Channel 1, embodies the very definition of clean British guitar tone but is enhanced with increased richness and depth.

Channels 1 and 2 are internally linked so that the use of the input labeled "1/2" sends the guitars signal to both channels equally. In this arrangement, each channel is active along with its associated tone controls and blending of the two channels is a simple as adjusting the Volume control for each channel. The true advantage of this type of arrangement lies in the ability to blend Channels 1 and 2 together while still allowing tonal shaping of each channel via their respective Treble and Bass controls.

Plugging into the input labeled "2" breaks the internal connection to Channels 1 and 2 thereby allowing them to function independently. This feature allows the musician to use a completely different signal chain (floor based effects etc.) for each channel if desired, and is fully expanded by the use of an ABY box to select channels 1, 2 or both.

Now, what also makes this amp quite special is the "Power" control on the front.  It's actually more of a "Master Voltage" than a "Master Volume".  What this means is it varies the high voltage being sent to the power section ranging from 30 Watts Class A down to 1/th of a watt Class A.

Power Rating:  30 Watts  (scalable down to 1/8th Watt)
Tubes:  Power Output: 4 x EL84  Preamp: 1 x EF86, 3 x 12AX7
Controls:  Channel 1 - Volume, Treble, & Bass   Channel 2 - Volume, Treble, & Bass  Master Tone, Master Volume (Power Scaling)
Rear Panel: Speaker Jacks , 8/16 Ohms Switch, Power Switch, Standby Switch, Dual Effects Loops, Footswitch (for Channel 1 Boost)
Construction:  Point to Point, All Hand Wired
Head Dims: 14" x 8.5" x 8.25"
Head Weight: TBA

The Jackson Ampworks Britain 30 is hand built right here in the USA using Mallory 150 Series Capacitors, Carbon Film Resistors, Genuine Carling Switches, Cathode Bias, Custom Wound Overspec Power and Output Transformers, Handwired Turret Board Construction, Genuine Neutrik Jacks, Anodized Aluminum Chassis, Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Panels, and 13 Ply Baltic Birch Cabinet with Dovetail Joints