Mesa Boogie Custom Shop Amps Humbucker Music is proud to be one of the largest MESA Custom Shop dealers in the country!

We always have inventory of custom MESA Boogie amplifiers in various finishes at all times.  If you have a custom MESA design in mind, please send an email to .  Our MESA Boogie specialist will get you a quote for the custom upgrades and answer any questions you may have about them. 

For nearly 40 years, MESA Boogie has been an exclusive American Custom Shop dedicated to building fine amplifiers that truly sets them apart from the rest, both audibly and aestetically.  No other amplifier company offers more custom options that MESA.  They offer a wide array of custom finish options including vinyls, embossed leathers, smooth leathers & suedes, hardwoods, hand-stained finishes on quilt & flamed maple hardwoods and more. From the elegance and class of a beautiful AAA Grade Exotic Hardwood to the hard-core, outlaw attitude of Black Leather and Chrome Diamond Plate (or any point in-between), MESA Boogie and Humbucker Music we can make your dream a reality!

Below are just a few of the literally thousands of stylistic options you can choose with MESA products.

Custom MESA Dual Rectifier in Zinc BroncoMesa Express 5:50 Custom Blackwood
Custom MESA Lone Star SpecialCustom MESA Lonestar Special Champagne
MESA Custom Mark V Quilt MapleCustom MESA Road King Head