ISP Decimator G String Noise Reduction Pedal

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Decimator G String is out!

ISP Technologies is proud to present the newest product in the Decimator Noise Reduction line-up:  The patent pending Decimator G String pedal.  Packaged in the same chrome body as the other ISP pedals, the G String takes the patented Decimator circuitry to a whole new level.

The Decimator G String noise reduction pedal was designed for those who want the ultimate performance in a foot pedal with performance like that of the renowned ISP Decimator ProRackG.  The Decimator G String provides a totally independent channel of Decimator noise reduction that can be inserted into a series effects loop or after a preamp section with the advantage of having the Decimator level detectors track the guitar signal directly. With the G String pedal you can set the threshold and no matter what level of noise the Decimator will track perfectly without any side effects. And the amazing thing is that you can switch from high gain to your clean channel and never have to switch the Decimator G String off due to the threshold being set too high. Itís simply transparent.

Based on years of research in the noise reduction field, Buck Waller has continued to refine his earlier patented noise reduction products and come up with the best noise reduction product on the market.  One of the reasons the Decimator products are so effective, is that they are not based on gate technology, but rather on the patented downward expander Time Vector Processing invented by Waller.  Because there are no gates, there is no loss of sustain, no change in tone of the instrument and fast tracking for staccato playing.