Catalinbread RAH Overdrive Pedal


Royal Albert Hall, January 1970, Led Zeppelin takes the stage for one of their most memorable concerts. And it wasn't necessarily because it was at the time the most prestigious gig in London, but because lead guitarist Jimmy Page's broad pallet of tones and huge dynamic range from his Les Paul and custom Hiwatt heads.. and of course his playing technique.

The Catalinbread RAH pedal helps capture that magical tone and bring it to everyone without the need of custom Hiwatts, being at Royal Albert Hall, or of course being Jimmy Page. With the specific 3 knob tone circuit from the custom "Jimmy Page" model Hiwatt, a master volume knob, and a gain knob, the RAH pedal delivers an incredible dynamic range that responds to your picking style and the volume knob on your guitar. And like the tube amps it was designed after the RAH is very uncompressed which means that nothing is left behind.

The RAH pedals include a HERCO pick so you can use the nubby edge for chirpy articulation.